Robert's Story

When Robert was six years old, his father began to beat and verbally abuse his mother. By the time Robert was 10, his mother had the courage to divorce his father. Robert, his mother and his two brothers began a life of running from their father and struggling to survive.

Robert’s mother worked any job she could get in order to try to make ends meet. They lived in a car for months and took refuge at women’s shelters when possible. 

Robert was told by his father that the family would be better off without him. This emotional and verbal abuse took a toll on Robert, and he attempted suicide twice.

Despite the struggles he was facing, Robert persevered. When on their way to the women’s shelter, Robert and his mother had a conversation that he’ll never forget.

“I know our situation may not be what we want, but we have to deal with it,” Robert’s mother said. “I want you to promise me that you will go to college because I know you are capable of doing so, but you have to give it your all and try your best, so promise me.”

“Yes, Mom, I promise I will go to college, and I will complete it,” Robert replied to his mother.

Robert has never forgotten the promise he made his mother.

Part of Robert’s journey to college was coming to live at BGC in 2013.

Robert graduated high school in the top 10% of his class and went on to attend Oklahoma Christian University, where he was awarded a $32,000 scholarship.

He graduated in the Spring of 2023 with a degree in Biomedical Lab Sciences. He is currently working as a laboratory technician in Oklahoma.