Residential Care

Texas Network for Children is a resource that assists in locating placements for children in the state of Texas. They have an Internet website that contains information on over 490 providers and is updated weekly.

32 coed, ages 13-18. Public school. Sliding scale fee available.

Licensed Christian foster group home in NE Harris County for boys 12-21. Accepts runaways, street kids, court involved, substance abusers, and incorrigible youth. No fee.

39 boys, ages 6-17. Counseling and public school. Working ranch for homeless, pre-delinquent, CHINS. No set fee. Supported by donations.

70 coed, 5-18 yrs old. Basic care, counseling, public school. Sliding scale. Some scholarships.

32 beds. Coed, ages 0-17. Cottage setting. Psychologist in community. Public school with variety of educational opportunities. Sliding scale. Some scholarships. Cradle of Hope-Teen Parent Program.