Residential Care

Texas Network for Children is a resource that assists in locating placements for children in the state of Texas. They have an Internet website that contains information on over 490 providers and is updated weekly.

16 girls/16 boys ages 6-17. Counseling, public school, tutoring. Sliding scale. Prefer children from the San Antonio area. Also have an emergency shelter for 16 boys and 16 girls, ages 5-17.

60 Coed, ages 4-17. Therapy by private experts. Prefer Dallas/Ft. Worth clients. Sliding scale.

Supportive housing program for homeless youth ages 13-17. Facilitates the movement of individuals to permanent housing through skills training. Must have drug issues. Outpatient services. 28 beds total. Sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans. M-F 8-5pm. NO FEE.