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Boys and Girls Country helps families (mothers, fathers, grandparents, guardians) who realize they need help in raising their children. Families are often in conflict; they face issues ranging from alcohol or drug abuse, violence, serious illness, abuse, incarceration, abandonment, or the death of a family member. They need help, but their children are not in the custody of the state, and they do not have money for places that require expensive fees or tuition.

The family situation requires time apart for the child and family member in order for the child to be safe, to get the most from school, and to grow up. Children often grow in their love and appreciation for family members while they live at Boys and Girls Country, and family members learn how to better love and care for their children.

We are committed to long-term success for our children. Therefore, we do request long-term placement for children and teens. Historically, some children return to a family member after two or three years, but many make the choice to remain, graduate from high school, and enter the College and Career program.

Whatever the reason children come, we are committed to fulfilling our ministry of providing a Christian home. No child is turned away because of race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or because their family does not have money to pay for care

If you have a child — or know a child — who is in need of placement, fill out the application below:

Frequently Asked Questions

No child is ever turned away because of their family’s economic status.

We request a long term placement for children and teens, but there is no requirement. We are a place where children can grow up. Our average length of stay is three years, but many children live with us through high school graduation and higher education.

Children live in cottages with other students on our main campus in Hockley, Texas, which is 35
miles northwest of downtown Houston. They are raised by trained Houseparents in a family atmosphere. We strive for each child to have their own room and private bathroom. 

Children attend local public schools, either Waller ISD or a local charter school. We provide after-school tutoring and enrichment, along with on and off-campus activities for recreation and personal development. This includes student council, sports, band, choir, music, arts,
summer camps, and church mission trips.

A visitation plan will be arranged for you and your child at placement. There are weekend visits
scheduled approximately every six weeks.

We enjoy the special relationship siblings have with each other. We have separate cottages for
boys and girls, and for different age groups, so siblings may not always be able to live
together. We will place each child in the best cottage for his or her individual growth. Siblings
will be able to spend time together frequently through events and activities as well as be able
to visit with each other on the campus or in cottages.

You do not have to worry about your child being active at Boys and Girls Country. If you don’t already know what their skills and interests are, we will provide plenty of opportunities to find out! We have basketball, volleyball, dances, parties (including a special birthday party just for them),
music lessons, and much more. There is even a pool with a slide where students can go swimming with much supervision.

We also receive tickets for Astros and Rockets games, take field trips and have other fun outings.

In the summer, if they are 15 years old, they can work as an apprentice on campus and earn money. We can go to summer camp, mission trips, or take a trip with your cottage. Some of our
cottage vacations have been to Disneyworld, the Grand Canyon, the beach, snow skiing in Colorado and camping at state parks.

We also participate in after school and community activities. Boys and Girls Country wants them to get involved in band, athletics, fine arts or whatever their interests are. We also go to youth
group at our cottage church.

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