Our Program

Residential Care

Our residential program provides homes to children ages 5 to 18. Children live on campus in cottages with trained houseparents and attend local public schools. We are a trauma informed community that provides for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child. Each cottage operates as an independent family unit. This includes making meals, doing chores, and attending church together. 

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College & Career

For more than 25 years, our highly successful college and career program continues to differentiate our program from other residential programs. Every high school graduate has the opportunity to pursue their dreams with the support of Boys and Girls Country after they graduate. Whether they continue their studies as a college student, choose to enter a trade school, join the military, or kickstart their career - we are there to support them.



Counseling for our students and their families

Parenting Education

Training for our houseparents, staff, and the families of our students

Community Training

Trauma-informed training for teachers, counselors, law enforcement, etc.


Full medical, dental, mental, and vision health services


Educational services and tutoring for our students is provided year round


Transitional training for those students who are able to move back home

Our Model of Care

Boys and Girls Country uses a trauma-informed care approach when addressing the needs of the children living on our campus.