Our Family

At Boys and Girls Country, Teaching Parents are the heart of our family. Teaching Parents are couples or individuals who are responsible for the daily care of our children.  Teaching Parents step in as parents for our children, helping the kids get ready for school, preparing breakfast, leading a daily devotion, preparing and serving dinner, helping students with homework, and so much more. Teaching Parents build trusting relationships with our students while teaching children life skills that support our kids’ success throughout their lives. 

Boys and Girls Country is licensed by the State of Texas as a residential home.  Our campus is made up of a network of cottage families and an extended Christian neighborhood that supports our children as they learn and grow, provides them with educational and emotional support, holds them accountable to their peers and the greater community, and encourages them to dream big and achieve goals.  We achieve this holistic approach using the evidence-based Teaching Family model, which was developed in 1967 at the University of Kansas. The American Psychological Association (APA) has identified the Teaching Family Model as one of the few evidence-based residential treatment programs for at-risk children.  Its success is rooted in the view that children’s behavior problems stem from a lack of interpersonal relationships and skills.   

Learn more about becoming a Teaching Parent here.