Emily's Story

Emily’s parents divorced when she was three, and her birth mother was in and out of her life until she was 10. Emily hardly remembers what her mom was like, since she completely disappeared from the life of her kids eight years ago. Emily felt abandoned and unwanted. Growing up as the youngest of five kids, she found comfort and care spending time with her siblings. However, things changed drastically after their family moved to Texas and Emily’s dad remarried.

Emily’s relationships started to break apart as tension between her and her stepmom created a toxic and unstable environment.  Her siblings told her they did not want her to be their sister anymore, and her stepmom no longer wanted her around. Emily’s heart was broken, and she was losing a battle with anxiety.

Due to instability at home and changing schools, Emily was on the verge of not graduating from high school. “I wanted to get away from it all, from the pressure on my chest that I would get from the anxiety and stress. I was at the point that I would have anxiety attacks and end up in the hospital.” 

When Emily arrived at BGC, she was 23 classes behind her peers. While living at home, she did not have the emotional capacity to dig herself out of that hole, and she was in despair at the prospect of never graduating.  At BGC, her teaching parents and program team came together to provide Emily with the necessary resources to tackle what seemed impossible, retaking her classes within a year to graduate on time.


“My teaching parents made me feel like I could go to them for anything without feeling like I was going to start a problem in their life or other relationships,” shared Emily. The sense of stability and support gave Emily a foundation to focus on her academics and trust those around her.

Emily’s life finally started improving. She became the older sister to a cottage full of girls. That gave her a whole new perspective on life and a sense of responsibility to believe in oneself and encourage others. Her relationships at home also improved as she learned to control her anxiety and stress through counselling.

Emily shared that her relationship with God has grown significantly and has become a vital part of her life. She was inspired, encouraged and guided by her teaching mom, Ms. Angie, who is the first God-centered mother figure ever in her life. Emily created a routine of writing prayers and volunteered to lead devotionals in her cottage.  “Faith is the only thing to hold on to,” commented Emily.

Thanks to the guidance, advocacy and support Emily received from BGC’s staff and Education program, Emily was able to finish all the required courses and graduate on time. It took a lot of discipline and left her exhausted at times, but Emily is very proud of her amazing achievement.

Today, Emily is on the way of achieving her dream of becoming an English teacher. Her passion for writing and reading is turning into a career. She chooses to be a light to the people around her and take advantage of the opportunities in life. Being an older sister in a cottage taught her that she can be strong for others and help them stay focused on the plan that God has for them.