Education is one of the most emphasized values on the Boys and Girls Country campus. Our students attend public schools in the acclaimed Waller Independent School District. Children in our program are tested at intake to determine educational level and to identify any special learning needs.  

Educational deficits and challenges are addressed through after school tutoring and remediation through our on-campus Education Lab, which is open 560 hours over the school year. The children work with tutors individually or in small groups.  Many of our tutors volunteer their time, but we also maintain a team of contract tutors who are trained in special education, Spanish, reading, and math.  In addition to the Ed Lab, volunteer tutors are available in each cottage for after school homework help and tutoring.

The summer tutoring program is specifically based on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) test data pulled for each child. Once the Education staff review the scores, they utilize the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum to create lessons that address needs of the children.  Tutors also work during the summer with AP and Dual Credit students to ensure their summer reading assignments are completed, and provide ACT and SAT preparation.

While still in high school, we work with our teens to develop a Roadmap for Success, clarifying their educational and career goals. All of our kids are encouraged to move to the College and Career campus upon graduating high school with us. Some of our young adults attend college or trade school, others join the military, and some choose to join the workforce. Roadmaps are updated twice a year to ensure that our kids are on track and meeting their goals.