When children join our family, their needs are great.  The crises that they faced before they came to Boys and Girls Country must be faced, accepted, and learned from in order for our kids to grow emotionally.  In order to do that, these issues must be resolved emotionally.   We desire for our children to be healthy and successful in all walks of life; in the home, at school, etc.  Their journey to accomplishing this success begins with creating a healthy emotional outlet.  The kids need to feel that they always have a safe place to express their feelings, their anger, and their disappointment. 

Boys and Girls Country provides individual and group counseling for our children to help them understand their past, their family, and the decisions they must make for their future.  The program focuses on cultivating children's optimal level of mental and emotional "wellness," during their growing up years – and for the future.  The counselors meet regularly with Teaching Parents to offer crucial support and guidance through crisis intervention or, preferably, through a proactive approach of identifying and forestalling potential problems.  Finally, because healing the child involves healing the family, the counselors also work with children's parents and family members to help them cope effectively with their kids and their lives – enabling them to support the children's progress so they will not sabotage the child's success.