College and Career Program

In most residential programs, once a child turns 18 and graduates from high school, they are on their own. However, we know that becoming an adult does not happen overnight.  It is a process, and the first few years after high school are a critical time of transition for every young adult.  In 1997, the Boys and Girls Country College and Career program was established so our kids would continue to receive support and have a place to call home as they follow their own individual paths to adulthood. 

While still in high school, our teens are assisted in developing a Roadmap for Success, clarifying their educational and career goals.  Some of our young adults attend college or trade school, others join the military, and some choose to join the workforce.  

"Mentors," or staff members who live on the College and Career campus, are available at any time to help our young adults. They are called upon to help set up a first apartment, buy a first car, or make that delicious pot roast they had the last time they were home for Spring Break. Currently, 12 young adults call the College and Career Campus home as they attend  a 2- or 4-year college, trade school, join the military, or work a first job, and 6 of our kids will transition there after high school graduation in May.  Since the program's inception, 26 young adults have graduated from college or a trade school, and our first Master's Degree was celebrated in 2014. Find out more about the program by contacting Malcolm Guerra, Program Manager for College and Career and Transitional Living.