Christmas and Year End Giving

What do our kids REALLY need for Christmas?

Our donors have such generous hearts, especially at this time of year, and we are so grateful!  Our phones are ringing with questions about what the BGC children need for Christmas.  Each year, our children experience several Christmas parties and are showered with gifts and love from our community. 

But when the parties are over, our real work begins.  Our children need what you so generously give them through your donations:  a home and family that loves them.  They need your support to ensure that we will always be here for them, in good times and bad, all 365 days of the year. Will you give our children the gift of a safe and loving home this Christmas?  Please consider making a gift to support our kids.  Any amount - $10, $25, $50, $100, $1,000 or more - will give them a second chance to be kids and to succeed.

You can make a quick, easy and secure online donation by clicking DONATE. Select "Christmas" on the drop down menu under "Purpose of Gift." God bless you!  And please read Natalie and Madison's story below to find out just how important your support is in the lives of our kids!


“For the first four months she lived with us, Natalie had nightmares almost every night. Of course she had trouble going to sleep, so in a moment of creativity, we gave her a dictionary to read until she got sleepy. She still keeps that dictionary next her bed with her bible.”  Tom, Teaching Parent.  Like most of the children at Boys and Girls Country, sisters Natalie (age 12) and Madison (age 9) had a chaotic life. They were shuffled between their aunt, father and grandmother, sometimes staying in hotel rooms and often on the couches of family friends. The girls’ aunt was their primary parent for several years, but chronic illness has made her unable to care for them. Their mother has never been in the picture. Natalie and Madison have lived through the terror of witnessing domestic abuse and the uncertainty of hunger.

When they came to visit their new cottage for a trial sleepover, Madison kept opening the refrigerator and cabinets to look at the food. Right before her grandmother picked her up, she ran back inside the cottage and asked to see the full pantry one more time. She told us that when they lived with her dad there wasn’t much food and they were always hungry. Seeing a well-stocked pantry gave her confidence that coming to Boys and Girls Country meant living in a place of security and abundance.

The girls’ biggest struggles were learning to ask for help and trusting the adults at BGC. Their father often yelled at them and berated them if they needed homework help or had problems at school.  Madison tried to control her surroundings by bossing the other girls and hogging the attention of her teaching parents. Natalie was in survival mode; she often ate to excess and was very protective of her younger sister. Like so many of our kids, consistent parenting and patience were the keys to their progress.

A year later, Natalie and Madison are cheerful, bubbly, creative girls who love to sing, tell stories, and enjoy school. They have settled into the routines of cottage life, and their favorite time is when they say prayers with their teaching parents before bed. The nightmares have stopped, and their tummies are always full. The girls love visiting with their grandmother who has seen them blossom; she said, “I want Natalie and Madison to live at BGC until they go to college. I have never seen them so happy. They have so many opportunities here!”

This Christmas season, your prayers and support ensure children like Natalie and Madison have a safe home and promising future. 

We are grateful to celebrate the awesome gift of Jesus with you this Christmas. Thank you for being a part of the Boys and Girls Country Family. May you be blessed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit this season!

P.S. To ensure your gift counts as a 20176 charitable donation for tax purposes, your envelope must be postmarked by December 31!  Online donations must be received by midnight (CST) on December 31…so hurry and make your gift today!

From our big Boys and Girls Country family, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!