How Your Gifts Help

Jordan's Story

Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31

We can’t thank you enough for the courage it takes to help children when others have given up on them and their families. Every day for 47 years, our donors make a difference. I’d like to share the story of one young lady, Jordan, whom you have helped immensely, just as you have helped so many children before her.  Can we count on you to continue your help with a gift this year to give kids like Jordan the chance they need to overcome their personal struggles and become role models?

“This is your new home…”

Jordan’s aunt told her to get in the car. They had been fighting for what seemed like forever and even though Jordan asked several times where they were going, her aunt didn’t answer. They drove away from Houston for over an hour. Finally, her aunt turned down a country road and pulled up at Boys and Girls Country. She told Jordan she was done “dealing with” her and that this place was her new home. Jordan was dropped off without preparation or even time to say goodbye to her sister or friends. Her entire life changed that day.

Many of the kids who live at Boys and Girls Country have become parents to younger siblings. Jordan’s mother has never been in the picture and her father has been in and out of prison. She has lived with her aunt for most of her life. Jordan was often home alone with her younger sister while her aunt stayed out late or didn’t come home at all. From an early age Jordan was tasked with cooking, cleaning and helping her younger sister with schoolwork. While she made good grades and took care of her sister, it was never enough for Jordan’s aunt who criticized and berated her constantly.

As she got older Jordan wanted more freedom. Her peers were involved in after school activities and sports, but she wasn’t allowed to participate because she had to be home for her sister. Her relationship with her aunt became more strained and Jordan tried her best to avoid her, staying in her room and listening to music when her aunt was home. Having friends over was forbidden and her life became more and more limited. When she arrived at Boys and Girls Country she was withdrawn, angry and depressed.

“I remember when Jordan told us that she wanted to play basketball but had never been allowed. She had lived with us over a month and her grades and behavior were good, even if she did keep to herself. Once we got her into activities after school, she blossomed. She loved the support we gave her to pursue her interests. She’s a great kid,” says her Teaching Mom.

One of Jordan’s biggest dreams was to attend college. She is a good student but she worried that a lack of involvement outside of school would not help her with scholarships. Jordan started to participate in several activities and eventually became a star color guard and the track team’s manager. She loves visiting with her cousin who is a student on the Dean’s list at Prairie View. Her cousin constantly advises and encourages her to pursue her goals.   

Two years later, Jordan is the leader in her cottage and has an after school job, driver’s license, and a college acceptance. She has experienced many firsts like attending a school dance, dating, and interviewing for a job. She is realizing her dreams, which never would have happened at home.

“Jordan has embraced her freedom while staying responsible and reliable,” says her staff mentor. “Her wings are spread wide here and she just continues to soar.”

Without you, Jordan would still be lost and grieving. Without you, 47 years of giving kids the love and support they need to thrive would not be possible. Won’t you help us to give kids like Jordan the chance they need to overcome their personal struggles and become role models?

This Spring, your prayers and financial support are needed to help us provide the home that Jordan and the other children at Boys and Girls Country so desperately need.

Today, your gift of $15, $50 or $100 or more can make a huge difference to our children. In 2017, it cost $147 per day to provide one of our children with a loving home and all the resources they need to succeed. Please consider making a one-time or a sustaining monthly gift to our children and become a part of the Boys and Girls Country legacy, growing children for life.