Changing Lives

Key Accomplisments in 2016

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                                                                                               Boys and Girls Country celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2016


  • Celebrated 45 years of providing a home to children from families in crisis.
  • Provided a home to 122 children and young adults every day between both campuses.
  • Campus grade point average (GPA) was a 3.4.
  • College and Career fall semester GPA was a 3.0.
  • Fielded 2,464 calls for help.
  • Provided over 890 counseling sessions.
  • Celebrated five high school graduates, for a total of 110 high school graduates since we began tracking.
  • Celebrated Alex's graduation from the University of Texas, bringing our college graduate total to 25 since 1997.



  • Teaching Parent staff stay with Boys and Girls Country an average of 50 months.
  • Our six Program Management staff have an average 16 years of service. 
  • Program staff is 62% female and 389% male.
  • Boys and Girls Country has a 99% compliance rate with the state licensing entity, including fingerprinting, background checks, drug, and TB tests.


Financial Resources and Fundraising

  • 100% of our Board Directors give financially and donate their time in support of our home and our children.
  • In 2016, our budget was raised with no government funding.
  • The Heritage Award Dinner grossed over $2M for our kids.



  • Dedicated the Joanne H. Watford Cottage, the first of 11 cottages to be rebuilt over the next 5 years.
  • Working Ranch has 65 cows and 2 herd bulls.


In addition to the triumphs listed here, our kids experienced many joys and firsts that cannot be measured.  Several of our kids got their driver's license, and many started a first job.  George received a generous scholarship for college, and Matt joined the military and got married right here at the chapel. These every-day miracles and big achievements are only possible because of the support we receive from our friends in the community.  Thank you for helping us meet our mission and change the lives of children every single day.