Management Team

Boys and Girls Country’s executive director and staff are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organization and for implementing policies and directives given by the Board of Directors of Boys and Girls Country.


Pictured above are (front row l-r) Melissa Simon, Director of Development; Shele Edmondson, Human Resources Manager; Executive Director Vincent Duran. Back Row (l-r) James Allen, Chief Financial Officer; Quintes Stark, Jr., Director of Operation; Will Henry, Director of Program Services.

James Allen

Chief Financial Officer

James W. Allen, Jr., CPA


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Melissa L. Simon, MSW, CFRE

Director of Development


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MeShele Edmondson

Human Resources Manager


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Quintes W. Stark Jr

Director of Operations


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Will C. Henry, MA, LPC, NCC, LCCA

Director of Residential & Clinical Services


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OUR Advisory Council

  • A. John Knapp
  • Bradley Freels
  • Brian McCabe
  • Carl Curtiss
  • Carolyn Little
  • Dane Whitehead
  • Gregory P. Pappas
  • Howard L. Wagner
  • Hulda Coskey
  • James Bloodworth
  • Jan Patterson-Cameron
  • John Sullivan
  • Karen Rosales
  • Lesha Elsenbrook
  • Mark Taylor
  • Michael M. Lowther
  • Penny Requa Loyd
  • Peter S. Wardenburg
  • Ralph McIngvale
  • Robert F. Gray, Jr.
  • Robert Kneppler
  • Robert L. Howard
  • Robert W. Roten
  • Rodney Eads
  • Ronnie Deyo
  • Russell Bowers
  • Scott Wegmann
  • Sten L. Gustafson
  • Steve Emmott
  • T. Michael Young
  • Todd M. Johnson

OUR Board of Directors

  • Bart Duckworth
  • Beth Thompson
  • Bryan Herr
  • Carlos de Aldecoa Bueno
  • Chuck Scianna
  • Craig A. Bunk
  • David J. Bishop
  • Dick Scott
  • Donna Boyer
  • Eva Haier
  • James Wu
  • Jeremy D. Thigpen
  • Jim Tomforde
  • John R. Sult
  • John T. Nesser, III
  • Kristi J. Trice
  • Mark L. Mey
  • Michael J. White
  • Mike Gatewood
  • Mike Watford
  • Paul C. Sorensen
  • Peter Purcell
  • Randall B. Hale
  • Robert “Bo” Pierce
  • Robert Kurtz
  • Ryan A. Rodgers
  • Sally Ramsay
  • Scott Galloway
  • Stephen M. McEachern
  • Steve Stephens, Chair
  • Terry Malloy
  • Travis Overall
  • Will Harper
  • William F. Aimone, III
  • William Way

OUR Honorary Lifetime

  • Bennis G. Butler
  • C. Kenneth Wall
  • Charles M. Rampacek
  • H. Douglas Church
  • H.L. Gardner
  • Howard S. Hoover, Jr.
  • Jack I. Tompkins
  • Janette McDonald
  • Leonard A. Bedell
  • Philip L. Leggett, M.D.
  • R. Allen Schubert
  • Reed G. Wood